Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mail-enabled calendars are cool

So I just learned about Mail-enabled calendars. I think they are nifty. To set them up you fire up your exchange system manager, admin groups, domain, folder, public folders, right click on your desired public calendar, all tasks, mail enable. Now from your exchange client you can right click on this calendar and you have an exchange settings tab that you can see what email address you can send your requests to. So how to use: create an appointment as usual but also add an invitation to the newly mail enabled public calendar. This will automagically add it to that public calendar.

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autocad said...

the poor design part is making a modification in your calendar that send an "invitation" to the Public Folder... Guess what, a duplicate entry is created with the changed info. There is no common link.
Cancel a meeting. A New netry is added: Meeting Cancelled. Still right next to the original one.